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Repertoire & Classes


  • Classes in the Ottawa Piano Festival are based on time limits, and participants are expected to play a minimum of two contrasting pieces in each solo class (excluding Concerto and Duet classes) staying strictly within the time limits.
  • Level of graded classes should correspond with the levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus, Conservatory Canada syllabus or any other officially recognized Canadian syllabus. Chosen repertoire does not have to be from a syllabus, but has to be of approximate difficulty of the chosen level/grade.
  • One piece from the next level higher is permitted in graded classes.
  • Original scores must be submitted at the festival class, no photocopies are permitted.
  • No repertoire substitutions will be permitted after February 1, 2020.
  • Participants may change the order of their pieces. On the day of the festival, music must be handed to the jury in the order of performance.
  • Concerti must be performed with piano accompaniment. Any movement may be performed as long as it fits within the given time limit.  Performers are responsible for providing their own accompanist.
  • The time limits must be respected in each category. If the time limit is exceeded, the jury reserves the right to stop the performance.
  • Memorization is encouraged for all, and is mandatory for any student wishing to be considered for a scholarship or other prize. (Piano duets are an exception to this rule).
  • Participants must plan to arrive early for their classes in order to be ready to play on time. Anyone who arrives after the class has finished will not be permitted to play.

♪ Introductory Piano Solo

  • Up to Grade 2 (Time limit 5 minutes)                       $40

Junior Piano Solo

  • Grade 3 – 4 (Time limit 10 minutes)                           $40
  • Grade 5 – 6 (Time limit 12 minutes)                           $40

♪ Intermediate Piano Solo

  • Grade 7 – 8 (Time limit 15 minutes)                              $50

♪ Senior Piano Solo

  • Grade 9 (Time limit 15 minutes)                                    $60
  • Grade 10 (Time limit 20 minutes)                                  $60
  • Diploma (Time limit 20 minutes)                                   $60

♪ Concertos for Piano and Orchestra

  • 12 years old and under (Time limit 15 minutes)              $50
  • 14 years old and under (Time limit 15 minutes)              $50
  • 16 years old and under (Time limit 20 minutes)              $50
  • 18 years old and under (Time limit 20 minutes)              $50

♪ Piano Duets (one or two pianos)

  • 12 years old and under (Time limit 5 minutes)                 $30
  • 14 years old and under (Time limit 10 minutes)               $40
  • 16 years old and under (Time limit 10 minutes)               $40
  • 18 years old and under (Time limit 15 minutes)               $40