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Video Submission

Please read the following guidelines:

  • Video recordings have to be made in 2021. YouTube link(s) to participant’s performance are to be sent to our email by the deadlines found under the home section (one link per class).
  • Professional recordings are not required, but good audio and visual qualities are very important. The quality on most cell phones is more than adequate, however ensure that your device has a lot of storage before you start recording (the average 1-minute video will take significantly more space than a photo, depending on your device and settings).
  • The video should clearly show your face and your instrument. A full body view is preferred. A stationary camera position should be used throughout.​
  • The video is not allowed to be edited or modified in any way. This will be automatic grounds for disqualification. Each selection should be made in one continuous take.
  • Participants should consider dressing up as for a live festival, and bow before and after performance, if possible.
  • Participants will announce their name, selection(s), composer(s) and class name or hold a card by themselves or assistant with this information before their performance. Participants may record/submit their registered pieces in any order. Pieces can be recorded in separate takes, but must be combined and submitted in one link per class.
  • Once you have the recordings with student’s performances filmed, proceed to merge all video files together into ONE YouTube link before submission. Create your YouTube account and upload your previously recorded video(s) to YouTube. For information on merging and posting videos we recommend exploring the Help section found on the YouTube homepage. Please note that you must select “Public” or “Unlisted” in the Privacy settings found under the broadcasting and Sharing Options section when uploading your video file to YouTube. If you select “Private” your submission will be invalid. Also, you MUST disable ‘kids only’ setting in your submission and have the comments section turned off.